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Why is “Grace & Courtesy” a big deal in Montessori?


You cannot observe a Montessori classroom for even a short time without coming away with an impression that Montessori children are by and large very polite, orderly and impressively quiet and serene. This atmosphere is created by the lessons of “grace and courtesy”. Grace and courtesy – good manners, caring about each other, putting others first – are solid virtues that make possible the extraordinary academic gains of a Montessori classroom. Grace and courtesy is one of the non-traditional academic foundations of a successful Montessori education. It is significant even beyond the academic accomplishments that your child will achieve in Montessori. (Click here to read more)


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Children’s House  (Pre-K - Kindergarten)

  • 9/4 No School (Labor day)

  • 9/27 Watch Me Work 3:15-4:45pm (see classroom for more details)


Lower El (1st-3rd grade)

  • 9/3 Cypress Room Bingo

  • 9/4 No School (Labor day)

  • 9/11- 9/13 3rd Grade MAP testing

  • 9/25 In House Field Trip - Colorado Mountain Club (see classroom for details)


Upper El (4th-6th grade)