Destination Imagination

We have a LOT of students from both campuses participating in DI this year--Compass has 10 teams comprised of 58 students! Teams have been working hard since the fall semester to design, create, build, script, and plan their team Solutions to the Challenges they selected. Below are descriptions of the Challenges and the lists of the participants. 


We wanted to invite you to come watch the students present their Challenge Solutions. It is a lot of fun, and the students get really excited when their teachers come. Below is a list of all the students, but because we have so many teams I'm sure that no matter when you come, there will be a Compass team to watch! (We won't have the actual schedule until about a week or so before the Tournament.)


Destination Imagination Regional JeffCo Tournament

Saturday, Feb 24 Jefferson High School, 2305 Pierce St, Edgewater


Rising Stars! Friends Everywhere (1st-2nd grades)-- Our youngest participants (non-competitive teams) must create and present a play about differences and similarities between two different cultures, and must include a prop that transforms and can be used in two different ways.


Competitive Challenges (EL 3rd-5th, ML 6th-8th, S 9th-12th) Note: there are other Competitive Challenges; these are just the ones that Compass teams picked.


Change of Tune -- in the Fine Arts Challenge, teams must create and present a musical, including music and lyrics that enhance the storytelling, that includes a change in plans; present a spectacle as part of the musical, and design and integrate a set change into the musical.


Maze Craze! -- in the Technical Challenge, teams must present a story about a journey through a maze, design and build a device to navigate within the maze, design and build a prop that transforms and remove an object from the maze. 


Unlikely Attraction -- in the Scientific Challenge, teams must design and build an amusement park attraction that uses scientific concepts during its operation, present a story that features the attraction operating in an unusual location, and portray the location using sights and sounds.