Enrollment Process and Questions

Steps for enrollment at Compass Montessori:

  1. Tour the Golden campus.  This is not mandatory but highly recommended so you can get the feel for Compass Montessori as a whole.  Your child may attend the tour with you. Pre-registration is required for all tour dates. Sign up online here. In order to prevent any interruption of student learning, we limit the number of tour attendees.

  2. Attend one of the MANDATORY parent orientation meetings for the lottery at our Wheat Ridge campus.  This is a more informational meeting and not recommended for children.

  3. Fill out a Choice enrollment form. (Form is given at meeting & stamped) and submit within the window. Choice enrollment forms, along with important submission dates can be found on this page.

  4. Submit form for lottery via fax, email, mail. Form deadlines can be found on this page. Forms may be submitted at either campus. We cannot accept early submissions.  Your application must be stamped by someone at the evening informational meeting.  Parents with children already enrolled at Compass do not need to attend the Parent Orientation meeting.  Parents who attended last year’s informational meeting do not need to attend again for one year; we have records that document your attendance. It would behoove you to note the month you attended at the top of the application.  

  5. Wait for a call from Compass to offer your child a space in our program.  Once offered, you have 48 hours to accept the spot or it will be released to the next student on the waitlist.


Frequently asked questions:

I missed the First Round Choice Lottery, what do I do?

We do have a second round choice lottery window. Refer to this page for second round dates.


Do I need to submit an Enrollment form at both the Wheat Ridge and Golden Campus?

Enrollment at Compass Montessori School is a combined enrollment, only one form is necessary per child.


What age does your child have to be in order to start Compass Montessori Children's House

Your child must be 3 years old by October 1st to attend Compass. Children must be independent with their toileting needs prior to attending Compass


Do I need to pre-register for the Parent Orientation meeting?

No pre-registration is required. Please arrive about 5 minutes before the meeting begins.


Do I need to pre-register for the tour?

Pre-registration is required for each of the tour dates in January. Please call (303) 271-1977 ext. 221 to sign-up


Can I bring my child to the tour or orientation meeting?

Children are welcome to attend the tour.  However, the Parent Orientation meeting requires a more focused audience and we do not recommend bringing children.  


How long is the parent orientation meeting?

These meetings can take up to 1 hour.


How long is the tour meeting?

The tours last approximately 1.5 hours and are led by our Golden principal.


What if I live out of state?

If you live out of state, you may print the Choice Enrollment Form and mail or fax it to us.  If you are chosen, we will require a one-on-one informational meeting before you accept your position.


What if I attended the parent orientation last year?

You only need to attend a parent orientation meeting every other year.  However, you do need to submit a new Choice Enrollment Form each year.  Please note on the application the month you attended the meeting for the previous year.


What if I want my child at the Golden campus but am offered a spot at Wheat Ridge (or vice versa)?

We see our campuses as one school.  If you choose to decline a spot at either campus, you have officially released your space.  


Is there a possibility that my child can transfer between campuses?



I didn’t get a call.  Now what?

Unfortunately, you must be patient and wait.  We begin calling for available spots the first week in February.  This process can take a couple weeks. If you do not hear within the first couple of weeks, it probably means that your child has been put on the waitlist. You may call the office to find out your place on the lottery.  


Compass Montessori is a Jefferson County Public Charter School and enrollment is free of charge and open to:

  1. First, Compass Montessori elementary 6th graders will be granted admission to Golden Campus for 7th grade.

  2. Second, siblings of Compass Montessori students who have completed the lottery application and returned them to Compass Montessori.

  3. Third, other Jeffco district students who have completed the lottery application and returned to Compass Montessori.

  4. Lastly, out of district students who have completed the lottery application and returned them to Compass Montessori.


Please contact with questions or concerns:

Kami Osborne
Enrollment Coordinator
Golden Campus

(303) 271-1977 Ext. 2221

Nicole Deutschman
Enrollment Coordinator
Wheat Ridge Campus

(303) 420-8288 Ext. 1221