HS School Supply List 2017-2018


  • Stapler – we always seem to be out

  • Separate notebooks for English and history.  Composition books are recommended.  

  • Science notebook. The best science notebooks are the ones with bound graph paper if you can find them. Math supplies are listed below. 

  • Organizational tool.  Whatever works for you to stay organized…planner, notebook, calendar, and so on.

  • An enormous amount of writing utensils - #2 Pencils, pens, colored pencils, Sharpies

  • One ream of white paper for community use

  • Kleenex (tons!)

  • Glue Sticks

  • Scissors

  • Note cards

  • (lock)”ER” organizers – if you think you’ll use it. We use the word “ER” for our lockers because they have no locks.

  • 1 package of sheet protectors


Math Supplies List

  • Binder - 2” works best

  • Dividers/Tabs for binder (at least four)

  • Encouraged for those planning to apply to competitive colleges - Texas Instruments Graphing calculator (TI-84 Plus).

  • Loose-leaf lined paper and loose-leaf graphing paper

  • Compass and straightedge


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