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Karen Wylie


M.S. Energy & Sustainability



Maria Montessori, in her Appendices to From Childhood to Adolescence, stated:


"The school should possess a “museum of machinery.” The machines must be of suitable size so that the children can take them down and reassemble them, also use and repair them. A philosophical reflection arises from this; that is, that machines have given man powers far greater than are natural to him, and that man can only develop as he advances in his work of developing civilization." 


The MakerSpace is the modern-day answer to Montessori's call for a museum of machinery. It is a physical laboratory for inquiry-based learning in the Farm School. Creativity, design, beauty, mechanics, robotics, and electricity can all be explored through the context of Occupation work and personal projects in the MakerSpace.



In the same writing, Montessori acknowledged that:


"Through machinery man can exert tremendous powers, almost as fantastic as if he were the hero of a fairy tale. Through machinery man can travel with an ever-increasing velocity, he can fly through the air and go beneath the surface of the ocean. So that civilized man is becoming more and more “supra-natural” and the social environment progresses correspondingly. If education does not help a man to take part in this “supra-natural” world he must remain an “extra-social” being. The “supra-natural” man is the king of the earth, of all things visible and invisible, he penetrates the secrets of life ". 


To this end, the responsibility of the MakerSpace and its participants is to interweave sustainability, global citizenship, project organization and management, as well as economic responsibility in students' work in pursuit of becoming part of the "supra-natural".