About Compass Montessori School

Compass Montessori School is a Preschool through 12th grade Colorado Public Charter School that was approved by the Jefferson County School Board on December 11, 1997 and opened in the fall of 1998.


The parents who created Compass Montessori are committed to the Montessori philosophy because of the positive learning experience their children have had in Montessori schools. In keeping with this teaching philosophy, the school's campus (the Wheat Ridge Pre-K through 6th Grade campus is located at 10399 West 44th Avenue in Wheat Ridge and the Golden PreK through 12th Grade campus is located at 4441 Salvia Street in Golden) has ample space for indoor and outdoor education and play. Multi-age classrooms, with children acting as both students and teachers, foster a close-knit community where children learn to respect themselves, others and the environment. Children progress at their own pace, mastering a set progression of skills and learning objectives. This self-paced curriculum with traditional Montessori materials encourages independence, problem-solving, and a lifelong love of learning. Historically, Montessori elementary students do well compared to their elementary peers. Montessori schools are academically high-rated schools, and Compass Montessori plans to continue this tradition.


Mission Statement

Utilizing authentic Montessori methods, the Compass community aims to nurture the whole child and enrich the lives of each student from Preschool to 12th grade. Compass will provide appropriate challenges and support to enable each student to prepare for the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social, physical, and societal transitions appropriate to each students inner vocation. Our goal is to foster competent, responsible, and independent citizens who love learning and respect themselves, other people and their environment.


A Culture of Work and Wonder...
As one of the only public schools in the country that offers a full Montessori education from Pre-K through 12th grade, the Compass Montessori community fosters a love of learning among our students by applying the theory and practice of one of the world's greatest educators – Maria Montessori.


...That Nurtures and Empowers the Whole Child
An education at Compass Montessori not only emphasizes academics but also focuses on community citizenship, physical health, emotional wellness, service learning, the development of grace &courtesy, and peaceful resolution. All of this while providing all children with a comprehensive education that meets state and national academic standards. 


Supporting The Passionate Development of Lifelong Learners...
Echoing the mantra of "follow the child," Compass Montessori guides seek to inspire a passion for learning by encouraging students to explore their world in a  prepared environment that is rich with learning materials and opportunities. We offer our youngest learners a solid introduction to the world around them. We teach the "great lessons" of exploration of student-based questions. We help students learn from our world through "going-outs" and overnight trips (including out of state trips (including out of state trips in middle school and international travel in high school). We inspire through project-based and hands-on learning.


...Who Continuously Improve Themselves and The World Around Them
Throughout a child's education at Compass, students become members of a community where their service is critical to our sustenance. Our students help prepare and serve meals and snacks. Middle school students participate in "occupations" that support a 150 student "working village". High School students spend one day a week in "AWOL" – a program to foster internship and community service time in our broader community.