Samantha Perkinson

Childrens House Lead-Mountain Room

My name is Samantha. I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and visited my first Montessori classroom at the age of 5 where my aunt was the teacher. I can still remember getting a lesson on Pin Punching and wishing I could stay in that classroom forever. Now, many years later, I have been teaching in a Montessori classroom since receiving my M.Ed in Montessori in 1995. With a future certain to include a beach residence, I accepted a job at a Montessori school on the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands immediately upon graduating and took a much-needed respite. With so many reservations about the wilderness, I reluctantly let my cousin talk me into accompanying her in her travels to complete the hours she needed to finish her Backcountry Rescue requirements. The trip that followed changed the course of my life. I moved to Colorado at the end of a two and a half month backcountry camping trip through Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. That said, Colorado is where my Montessori career began. 11 years later, with a little help from my husband, we had a daughter. Sharing the Montessori system of education and the philosophy with her gave me the opportunity to experience Montessori through an entirely new lens, both as a parent as well as a teacher.



Currently, with two daughters, ages 7 and 9, flourishing in Montessori, I feel extremely fortunate that my life, my career and my passions intersected so gracefully and continue to surprise and inspire me each and every day.