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Last Updated: 9/10/2020 5:54 PM

*Pre-arranged absence forms can be downloaded at the bottom of this page*


Early Release Days
Pick-up times for early release days are as follows:

  • Children’s House - 11:30 am
  • Lower and Upper Elementary- 11:15 am
  • Farm School - 11:30 am
  • High School - 11:30 am


School Closures and Snow Days
If the Wheat Ridge or Golden area Jefferson County Public schools are closed due to storms and road conditions, the campuses of Compass Montessori School will be closed. Closure information will be sent by phone and e-mail over the district messaging system and also posted on the front page of the school website. This information will be broadcast over local tv stations and the following radio stations: KHZ (560), KHOW (630), KNUS (710), KOA (850), KIMN (950), KKBB (1090), KDEN (1340), KOSI (1430), KLAK (1600). Do not call the office to ask if school will be closed. Please make sure to keep your contact information current in Jeffco Connect. Please note that tuition refunds will not be issued for any unexpected/emergency school closures.


Delayed Start or Early Release Due to Inclimate Weather Conditions
Due to snow or road conditions, Compass Montessori may require a delayed start or early release. This information will be sent by phone and e-mail over the district messaging system and also posted on the school website. Further details will be included in this communication.



Attendance Policy

The Children’s House through High School Montessori Curriculum is a five-day-per-week full-day program. We do not offer part-time or half-day enrollment.  If an altered schedule is needed for a temporary health condition, arrangements with administration can be made. 


The importance of regular, daily attendance as a basis for academic achievement cannot be overemphasized. Subsequently, attendance is the responsibility of the student, the parents/guardians, and the school. 


If a student is ill or there is some other acceptable reason for the student not to attend school that day, a parent/guardian must notify the school according to that school’s procedure (usually an attendance phone line). When a student requests to be dismissed during the school day, the student’s parent/guardian must communicate with the school before dismissal is approved. Compass has an attendance rule which incorporates Jeffco Public Schools’ attendance requirements as outlined in district policy, (C.R.S.) 22-33-104, and C.R.S. 22-33-107. The statutes provide that every child who has obtained the age of six years on or before October 1st of each year and is under the age of seventeen years, except as provided for by C.R.S. 22-33-104 shall attend public school for at least the minimum required hours each school year. 



A parent or guardian should call the Wheat Ridge Campus Attendance Line at 303.982.6560 or the Golden Campus Attendance Line at 303.982.6732 before 8:30 a.m. to report absences and tardies. 


Children's House & Elementary Pre-arranged absence form

Farm School & High School Pre-arranged absence form