Willa Hanf

Lower Elementary Teacher Last Updated: 10/14/2019 9:00 PM

Willa Hanf originally attended Child Peace Montessori in Portland, Oregon during her first years of school. The foundational learning experiences she had there ignited an innate interest in learning and helping her community.  She grew up in Oakland, California but moved to Colorado in 2011 to attend Colorado College. As an undergraduate, she double majored in Art History and Education. After graduating, she continued her education at Colorado College where she received a Master's in Teaching with a focus on culturally responsive pedagogy and elementary education. In 2016, she had the privilege of being invited to join Children's House East at Compass Montessori Golden. Working at Compass inspired within her humility and admiration for the complexity of early childhood.  In 2017, she began her Montessori training at Montessori Casa International. This experience has deepened her admiration and appreciation for the incredible work the children do every day in the Children's House environment. She looks forward to building a safe and supportive environment for meaningful growth for all members of the classroom. While in some ways her Montessori journey has just begun, in other ways it has always been a part of her since childhood. When she is not engaging in educational experiences, she enjoys going to cooking, reading, being with nature, exploring art, and spending time with her supportive family and friends.