Andrew Terrill

PE Guide Children's House & Elementary

"Hi, my name is Andrew Terrill, and I am the PE Guide for Children’s House and Elementary. I was born in England, and first visited Colorado in 2000 while hiking alone from Mexico to Alaska. It was on that journey that I met the woman who became my wife, a meeting which a few years later led to parenthood, which finally led to Compass! Every morning when I dropped off my children at Compass I wished I could stay too, and when the opportunity arose in the summer of 2017 to become part-time PE Guide I didn’t hesitate. 

I am a passionate believer in the benefits of staying active, and practice what I preach: trail running, backpacking, rock climbing, and ‘playing’ my way through life. I passed the Elementary Education PRAXIS exam last year, and as a parent have been studying and applying Montessori principles for over a decade. My goal now is to apply Montessori principles to PE, and through doing so hope to inspire our Compass students to develop healthy and active habits that will endure their entire lives. I love ‘following the child’… especially at full speed!"