Jeffco is implementing a new enrollment system to be used by all Jeffco schools for the 2019-20 school year


How to enroll in preschool-12th grade for the 2019-20 school year flyer. (English) (Spanish)


EnrollJeffco includes two new tools: 

  • School Finder
    • A one-stop shop for families to compare their student’s District-assigned school to other Jeffco schools.
    • Families will be able to search for Jeffco schools by school name, home address, and/or a guided search to match the needs of their student to specific schools.
    • Families will see a comprehensive profile of every Jeffco school including programs available, location, bell times, grade levels, before/after school care, etc.
    • School Finder will be accessed through the Jeffco public website, through schools’ websites, or directly via the web.
    • School Finder will be rolled out in early December 2018.


Application and Enrollment System

  • Families will use this new system to apply and enroll in all Jeffco schools.
    • Families will use the system to confirm that their student will return to their current school in the 2019-20 school year.
    • Families may use the system to submit choice enrollment applications and receive notifications online through this system.
  • School level, paper-based choice enrollment processes at schools will be replaced by this online system.
  • The current enrollment policies will be implemented systemically and consistently through this system.
  • The Application/Enrollment System will be rolled out in January 2019.


Why is Jeffco implementing EnrollJeffco?

  • EnrollJeffco will provide a more equitable enrollment process for all Jeffco students.
    • The school selection, application, and enrollment processes will be more efficient and consistent across the District.
    • Families can more easily navigate the enrollment process, including choice enrollment, thus reducing frustration and confusion.


What will be different for families: 

  • Enrollment for all Jeffco schools will be done online.
  • To access the application and enrollment system, families must have an account in Jeffco Connect.
  • The system will generate notifications from all Jeffco schools and families will receive them on the same day.
    • Families can specify how they wish to be notified – email and/or text.
    • Notifications from choice enrolled schools include invitations to enroll and waitlist notices.
  • Families may only accept one enrollment offer at a time.
    • Once an offer is accepted, all other offers will be declined, and the student is removed from schools’ enrollment lists.
    • Students will remain on waitlists of the schools that did not send families offers to enroll.
    • When a student moves to the top of the waitlist, families will receive an offer from that school if space is available.