Elementary Program

Last Updated: 7/31/2020 8:55 PM

The elementary level and environment are one of strength and understanding. The students in the Elementary environment range from 1st grade through 6th grade. Each classroom contains a mixed age group of students that fit within the 3-year cycle. Lower elementary has students 1st though 3rd grade, and upper elementary has students 4th through 6th grade. 

The elementary child is full of wonder and ability. They ask and want to know everything and anything. The beauty of the Montessori curriculum is Cosmic Education, giving the children the keys to the universe and helping them to understand the idea that everything and everyone has a cosmic task. It is in the elementary years that we build on the foundation started in the Children’s House. The academics and concepts of learning are a strong focus, but the learning takes place through the child's interest. The children are in a place developmentally that allows them to think beyond themselves and be contributing members of the classroom community. During this time, service for the community, outside of the classroom walls, comes with great potential. The children have a strong sense of justice and right and wrong. This is the time when they take ownership of their school environment and community. They also utilize their grace and courtesy lessons daily and call each other out on bad manners and inappropriate behavior, if the right lessons are instilled in the students.