Children's House

The school is the first community beyond the family for the pre-k child. It should be one that is nurturing and responsive to the growing and changing needs of the child. The school community is filled with attentive, mindful, and knowledgeable adults and older students who help one another to aid in the development of each other and become fully contributing members of the community. 


The Primary/children’s house environment contains students ranging from 3 to 6-year-olds. The primary students contribute to the greater school community as the foundation for the school’s potential. The children require more support and direct guidance to develop their full capability. The children’s house child is one who is exploring with their senses and is creating their psychic being through their work and interactions with the world around them. The materials used in the children's house give concrete experiences on abstract concepts, such as math and language. Students in the children's house focus on developing their gross motor and fine motor skills along with participating in a community. There are lessons in grace and courtesy that help children understand their movements and actions need to be mindful and purposeful. Within the 3 year cycle of the children's house program, students learn independence, skills of self-advocacy, foundational math and language concepts, as well as refining their senses.