If I completed the Compass Intent to Enroll form, do I also need to complete the Intent form through Enroll Jeffco? 

You can, but don't have to. If you do nothing, you'll automatically enroll in your current school again. If you are considering more than one school, you should go ahead and do it, but if Compass is where you're staying for next year, you don't need to. 


What happens if I do not complete the Intent form through Enroll Jeffco? You will automatically stay in your current school. 


Do I need to re-enter the lottery each year? 

No, once you have a spot at Compass, you do not need to re-enter the lottery. Your spot is safe. 


If I have a 6th grader, do they automatically roll to the Golden campus for 7th grade, or is there another step required from me? 

They automatically roll as a Compass student to their next grade. 


Jeffco is experiencing some glitches on their end, and it’s making it a little more confusing. We are keeping close track of every Compass student, and if you have questions about your submission, or need peace of mind about something, email our Nicole Jones at nicole.jones@compassk12.org