Outcomes of Montessori Pre-K through 12th Grade Education

Compass Montessori School


The student is...


  • An experienced thoughtful writer and reader, adjusts the use of spoken, written, and visual language, to respond to the needs of society, to acquire new information and for personal fulfillment.
  • Has developed a mathematical mind:  experienced use of the power of mathematical thinking in problem-solving and paradigm formation.​
  • Competent and knowledgeable in life sciences, physical sciences and advancing technology. ​
  • Is economics literate and an ethical entrepreneur. ​
  • Is effective and capable of expressing ideas, contributing to a community of inquiry, actively listening, and collaborating.​
  • Is locally and globally aware, well worldly traveled in fact or through the reading of human encounters, historical minded and historically literate about human history and the human condition.​
  • Is physically active, a participant in activities that create mental/physical challenges that foster whole-person development.​
  • Is a developing artist, songwriter, poet, musician, actor, etc. through practice, experience in, appreciation for, and understanding of the arts. ​
  • Is aware and knowledgeable of self-construction and actualization; has an immense sense of humor and an ingenious love of learning.