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Brightwheel is the platform we use to securely sign students in and out of our care for Children's House and the Before & After Care program at the Wheat Ridge campus. 


If you have questions about Before & After Care at Wheat Ridge, or using Brightwheel for the Children's House program, please contact our Children's House Director Amy Ball at [email protected]


Quick Resources Below:


How do I add an approved pick up on the Brightwheel App

1. Open app.
2. Click on your child's name.
3. Click on Profile (upper right corner).
4. Next to the word Contacts there is a + sign. Click on the +.
5. Pop up screen asks "What kind of contact would you like to add?", options are Parent, Family, Approved Pickup, Emergency Contact. Click on Approved Pickup.
6. Add the first name, last name, email, and mobile phone number for your approved pickup.
7. Click Save (upper right corner).
*Your approved contact needs to download the app to their phone and set up their account and 4-digit number.
*If you have another child, the Approved Pickup does not transfer between children. You have to enter this same information for each additional child.
*Our staff cannot update your contact information, pick up permissions or emergency contacts for you.