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Welcome to our Elementary Back to School Homepage! 
As a reminder, our Elementary programs are divided into Lower Elementary, which includes 1st - 3rd grade & Upper Elementary, which includes 4th - 6th grade. 
The Back to School information provided here is for all Elementary (1st - 6th) families on both campuses at Compass Montessori. Whether you are a new or returning family, please read ALL of the back to school information provided. 

Elementary Back to School CHECKLIST

    • Hot Lunch - September Hot Lunch Order forms are open and due August 21st (this Sunday!) Click Hot Lunch in the right column to order now! 
    • Before & After Care - If you plan to use our Before and/or After School program at the Wheat Ridge campus, register HERE. Once registered, you'll get an email with info on Brightwheel. You must create/update a Brightwheel account. Brightwheel is a platform we use to sign students in/out in the before and after care programs. Please email Amy Ball at [email protected] if interested in attending Before/After Care. If you plan to use our Before and/or After School program at the Golden campus, please contact KidsmART directly, as they are the outside child care vendor offering before and after care on our Golden campus. Read more about Before and After Care HERE
    • Hours - For drop-off, Elementary doors open at 8:00 AM; school begins at 8:15 AM. For pick-up, schools ends at 2:45 PM, and all students must be picked up no later than 3:00 PM. 
    • Attendance & Tardies - If your student is absent or tardy, please complete the Attendance Form or call the attendance line with an explanation. Please read the attendance, absent policy and tardy information in the Parent Handbook thoroughly. We are following Jeffco policy for attendance this year, so it's important that parents and guardians are familiar with this information. 
    • Infinite Campus Parent Portal - Please log into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal, and update your contact information, emergency contacts and upload your child's immunizations (annually) and birth certificate (ALL NEW AND RETURNING students must do this. We now need uploaded copies, so returning families should complete this step, even if they'd submitted these documents in the past. If you're having trouble uploading them in IC, you can drop off hard copies in the front office.) Click here for helpful tips from Jeffco when accessing Infinite Campus this year.  (Once you enter Elementary, you only need to upload Immunizations, Birth Certificate and proof of residency in Infinite Campus. If your child has additional medical needs, you should submit those medical forms (below) to our Clinic Aide. Yes, it's true there is MUCH less paperwork in Elementary vs. Children's House!
    • Calendar - Check the school calendar on on our website regularly! Please note, our charter school calendar is not always exactly the same as Jeffco’s calendar, so always cross reference. 
    • Family & Student Handbook - All parents must sign that they've read and acknowledge the Family & Parent Handbook each year. The handbook includes policies for attendance, hours, enrollment, fees, conferences, student support, trips, safety and more! It's a great place to look if you have questions throughout the school year.  
    • Photo Opt OUT Form - You only need to complete THIS FORM if you DO NOT want your child in any photographs at school. If you give permission for them to be in photos to represent our school, no action is required. 
    • Back to School Meetings 

Wheat Ridge Upper El Back to School Meeting 

August 18th 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM on Zoom

Wheat Ridge Lower El Back to School Meeting 

August 18th - 6:00 PM on Zoom

    • Medical Forms - see below
Non-Emergency Medications 
If your child has ANY non-emergency medication which needs to be administered at school, please have your medical provider complete this Medical Agreement Form and return to the school with the medicine in its original container by Friday, August 12, 2022. Reach out to our clinic aides with questions. 
Emergency Medications 
If your child has ANY non-emergency medication which needs to be administered at school, please have your medical provider complete the Colorado Allergy & Anaphylaxis Form and/or the Colorado Asthma Care Plan Form and return to the school with the medicine in its original container by Friday, August 12, 2022. Reach out to our clinic aides with questions. 
Clinic Aide, Golden Campus 
Serra Draper-Peckham, CH Director & Golden Campus Clinic Aide
303-271-1977 x2291
Lisa Krieg, Wheat Ridge Campus Clinic Aide 
303-420-8288 x1244

Elementary Back to School FAQs

What are important dates for the first week of school for Elementary students?
The first week of school includes Assessment Days for Lower Elementary, Back to School Meetings and first days for each age level. The first week at a glance is below for Elementary, please check it out and mark your calendar! 


August 15th


August 16th


August 17th


August 18th

Lower El Assessments (by appointment; watch for teacher email)

First Full Day for all Elementary 

Before & After Care Begins 

(see below)

Wheat Ridge Upper El Back to School Meeting on Zoom 5:00 PM

HALF DAY - Upper El Returning Students attend AM; 4th years and New Students attend PM

Golden Upper El Back to School Meeting 

  Wheat Ridge Lower El Back to School Meeting on Zoom 6:00 PM

Does Compass require school supplies? 

“Material Fees” are typically added to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal fees list, in lieu of school supplies. We do not require parents to purchase school supplies in addition to that fee. However, the 2022 - 2023 Materials Fee for our Children's House Programs have been paid by the Child Care Operations Stabilization Grant, and no material fee is required this year to allow for some financial relief for Children's House families. 


When does hot lunch begin? 

Sept 6th, please pack a lunch until then. Sept Hot Lunch Order Forms are open and due Sunday, August 21st! 


When does after school Enrichment start? 

The week of August 29th. 


What is after school Enrichment? 

Enrichment classes are after school class opportunities beginning at 3:00 PM (usually one hour) in six week sessions throughout the school year. Class examples include Art, Soccer, Music and more! Outside vendors come to our school to teach these classes, and registration is completed directly with those vendors, and is completely separate from our Compass staff. Watch our newsletter and website for Enrichment registration information the first week of school! 


When does Before & After Care begin? 

Wednesday, August 17th at both campuses.

Wheat Ridge - Register HERE

Before & After Care at our Wheat Ridge campus is managed by Amy Ball ([email protected]), our Compass Children’s House Director.

Golden Campus

Our Golden campus Before & After Care program is managed by an outside vendor, and you may read more about Kid SmART here


What if my child goes to After Care, but I sign them up for an Enrichment class? 

Your child will be taken to after care immediately following their enrichment class, and you may pick them up from there. 


What’s the difference between Before & After Care and Enrichment? 

Before and After Care is child care before and after school for parents who need to pick up their child later than, or drop off earlier than school hours. Enrichment is classes hosted by outside vendors, such as art, soccer and music. Enrichment classes usually last about one hour after school. 


How do I add an approved pick up on the Brightwheel App?

1. Open app.
2. Click on your child's name.
3. Click on Profile (upper right corner).
4. Next to the word Contacts there is a + sign. Click on the +.
5. Pop up screen asks "What kind of contact would you like to add?", options are Parent, Family, Approved Pickup, Emergency Contact. Click on Approved Pickup.
6. Add the first name, last name, email, and mobile phone number for your approved pickup.
7. Click Save (upper right corner).
*Your approved contact needs to download the app to their phone and set up their account and 4-digit number.
*If you have another child, the Approved Pickup does not transfer between children. You have to enter this same information for each additional child.