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Farm School

Welcome to our Farm School Back to School Homepage! 
As a reminder, our Farm School programs include all 7th, 8th and 9th grade students.  Whether you are a new or returning family, please read ALL of the back to school information provided.

Farm School Back to School CHECKLIST

    • Back to School Meeting - August 17th 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM on ZOOM- We'll discuss back to school details and Farm School Fall Trip details. 
    • Hours - For drop-off, Farm School doors open at 7:45 AM; school begins at 8:00 AM. For pick-up, schools ends at 3:00 PM, and all students must be picked up no later than 3:15 PM. We do not have staff supervision for students past 3:15 PM, so please arrive on time each day. 
    • Attendance & Tardies - If your student is absent or tardy (yes both), please complete the Attendance Form or call the attendance line with an explanation. Please read the attendance, absent policy and tardy information in the Parent Handbook thoroughly. We are following Jeffco policy on all attendance and tardy guidelines, so it's important for parents to be familiar with this information. 
    • Hot Lunch - Hot Lunch Order Forms for Sept are open, and due Sunday, August 21st! 
    • Calendar - Check the school calendar on on our website regularly! Please note, our charter school calendar is not always exactly the same as Jeffco’s calendar, so always cross reference.  
    • Family Student Handbook - All parents must sign that they've read and acknowledge the parent handbook each year. The handbook includes policies for attendance, hours, enrollment, fees, conferences, student support, trips, safety and more! It's a great place to look if you have questions throughout the school year.  
    • Photo Opt OUT Form - You only need to complete THIS FORM if you DO NOT want your child in any photographs at school. If you give permission for them to be in photos to represent our school, no action is required. 
    • Mark your Calendar! - Please note, our Farm School Fall (overnight) Trip is August 31st - September 2nd. We'll share details about this trip at the Back to School Meeting on August 17th. Stay tuned for details!
    • Medical Forms - see below
Non-Emergency Medications 
If your child has ANY non-emergency medication which needs to be administered at school, please have your medical provider complete this Medical Agreement Form and return to the school with the medicine in its original container by Friday, August 12, 2022. Reach out to our clinic aides with questions. 
Emergency Medications 
If your child has ANY non-emergency medication which needs to be administered at school, please have your medical provider complete the Colorado Allergy & Anaphylaxis Form and/or the Colorado Asthma Care Plan Form and return to the school with the medicine in its original container by Friday, August 12, 2022. Reach out to our clinic aides with questions. 
Clinic Aide, Golden Campus 
Serra Draper-Peckham, CH Director & Golden Campus Clinic Aide
303-271-1977 x2291

Farm School FAQs

When is the first day of school? 


August 15th


August 16th


August 17th


August 18th


August 19th

Farm School 

7th & 8th years - remote assignment only

All Farm School (7th - 9th) come to school full day. Farm School Back to School Meeting 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM on Zoom (link coming soon)   Farm School MAP Assessment (remote for all Farm School students) 

Farm School

 9th years - 1/2 day in person

(7:45 AM - 11:15AM)


When is the Back to School Meeting for Farm School?
Wednesday, August 17th at 6:30 PM on Zoom (
Do we need to buy school supplies?
Compass does not require parents to purchase a separate school supply list. Instead, you’ll see a materials and supplies fee (on your list of fees) in Infinite Campus Parent Portal in lieu of traditional school supplies lists. To pay that fee, log into IC Parent Portal, click on "More" then "Student Fee Schedule."

What fees will I see listed in my Infinite Campus Parent Portal throughout the year?
Fees include hot lunch, field trips, overnight trip fees (Elementary, Farm & High School only), before/after care fee (if applicable), etc. (Overnight trips are a part of our authentic Montessori experience, and our Farm School students go on TWO overnight trips each school year - one in the Fall and one in the Spring. Overnight trip fees range from $250 - $450. Fees are subject to change, depending on the cost of travel and lodging. Scholarship are available. Stay tuned for details on this year's trips!)

What does OPT mean in Infinite Campus Parent Portal?
Per the district, OPT means optional, but since “material and supply” fees are in lieu of traditional school supplies at Compass, we do ask all parents to pay this fee. 

How does Compass communicate with parents about school news?
Primarily, school news and announcements will be posted on our website and sent via email. We also send a weekly all-school newsletter called the Intrinsic Notification. You'll also receive a Farm School specific newsletter biweekly. Occasionally, we send text and phone call reminders for more urgent or school-wide announcements. We also celebrate upcoming announcements on our Instagram account @compass_montessori. Please check your communication preferences in Infinite Campus Parent Portal.
What if I am not receiving school communication?
Please email [email protected] and let us know!
Will my child need to wear a mask to school?
Masks will continue to be optional at Compass. Students are welcome to wear masks if they'd like. If so, please plan to send your child with their own mask from home, as we no longer can provide them at the school. 
What if my child is absent?
If your child is unable to attend school, please complete the attendance form or call them into the attendance line and report an absence. (The form is preferred) Attendance information can be found HERE
What if my child is planning to be absent for a couple of days?
They must complete a Pre-arranged Absence Request Form one week prior to learning. This form can be found on our website. For future reference, visit and click on "Parent Community," and then "Forms."
What if my child is tardy?
They must sign in at the front desk. Please then complete the Attendance Form or call the attendance line and give us more information about their tardy for our records.
Where can I find more information about policies at Compass?
Please read the Family Student Handbook. 
How do I order Hot Lunch?
On our school’s website, you’ll see a Hot Lunch button in the top right corner. This is where you choose your child’s Hot Lunch menu each month. We offer a unique, healthy lunch program, separate from the district’s lunch program. Our monthly menus are planned and prepared by our chefs and menu options are posted for your review each month. The first hot lunch form for Sept orders is due August 21st! 
How do I pay for Hot Lunch?
We have a new hot lunch form, and you pay as you order on the bottom of the form! 
When does Hot Lunch begin this year?
September 6th. Please pack a lunch the first two weeks of school. 
What if I miss the deadline for hot lunch orders?
If you miss the deadline, we cannot take late orders. Not because we don't love you, but we must be consistent with these strict deadlines so food orders can be placed accurately and promptly.