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Welcome Back Compass! 
Our staff is busy preparing for the new school year; please take a look at our Back to School Checklists and FAQs, and let us know if you have questions. All new and returning families, please read all back to school information thoroughly and check your email and our website regularly. 
Please click on your child's level to review the back to school checklists. 
What is the Blanket Permission Form - This packet/permission form allows your child to participate in Field Trips, Going-Outs, walks to the park or other opportunities for students to explore off campus with their class throughout the year.

Some adventures are impromptu and do not include transportation (such as a walk to the park), and parents won't be notified prior to those events.

However, if you child is going off campus with transportation, YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED BEFORE THE TRIP, and this form helps us expedite these opportunities for students. 
Completing this packet at the beginning of the school year helps support our staff with collecting permission ahead of time, so they may expedite their planning for future trips.

If you have questions about this packet, please email [email protected].