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Science Expectations - SPRING 2019

Here is a breakdown of the science grade book categories:

Assignment Completion (25%): This category documents if follow-up assignments are turned in, on time, and complete.



Quality and Comprehension (25%): This category reflects performance on tests, quizzes, simulation quizzes (Gizmos) and quality of all other assignments (based on rubrics and other assessment).



Participation, Engagement, and Attendance (25%): Participation scores are based on attendance and participation/engagement in lessons, seminars, discussions, and labs. In addition, it includes presentations of learning (ex. projects, research, and current event sharing, etc…).



Time in Lab/Science Hours (25%): Independent work time is based on time spent IN THE LAB working on science and doing labs. To be part of our science learning community, you should do the bulk of your science work in the lab. If the lab is being used for lessons or labs, you should use the BigTop as “overflow” science learning space. If you need a silent, independent workspace, let me know and/or sign in on the sheet in the lab that you are working in the “pool”. For ALL science work, you need to record it in your weekly LOG and submit that Google form each week while KEEPING YOUR LOG ORGANIZED IN YOUR NOTEBOOK. SIGN IN on the LAB SIGN IN for any non-lesson time that you do science in the LAB.


Grading Categories

… and what they mean



4 = Exceeding expectations

Above and beyond the expectations of the assignment. Very thorough. In-depth. Extraordinary!

3 = Meeting expectations

Met requirements. Covered all aspects of the assignment.

2 = Below expectations

Missing parts. Low quality.

1 = Failure to demonstrate effort

Minimal evidence of learning. Poorly done. Lack of effort apparent.



Eric Albright

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