High School Profile


The Golden campus of Compass Montessori School is located at the base of North Table Mountain and draws students from all across Jefferson County. Students’ socioeconomic and racial diversity reflects that of the greater Denver metropolitan area. Approximately twenty percent of our high school students qualify for free and reduced.



The Golden campus of Compass Montessori School is a pK-12 public charter school of Jefferson County that serves 400 students. The high school serves 100 students, many of whom have been in the program since they were three years old. Compass graduated its first class in 2005.



One of only a handful of public Montessori high schools, Compass adheres to philosophy or Dr. Maria Montessori. Students have a great deal of independence and choice in their daily schedule which is modeled after the traditional three-hour work cycle. Students take a slate of academically rigorous core classes as well as a variety of elective classes. Compass offers AP Literature and Composition, AP Environmental Science, and Honors History. Many 12th years participate in concurrent enrollment at Red Rocks Community College and others take advantage of CTE classes at Warren Tech.



Grading and Ranking

A - Excellent - 4.0

B - Above Average - 3.0

C - Average - 2.0

D - Below Average - 1.0

F - Failure/No Credit - 0

P - Pass*