Wednesdays 12:30 – 2:40

2 semesters = ½ credit each


An essential part of the Montessori curriculum is for students to have learning experiences and practice outside of the classroom. At Compass Montessori High School we believe that our students must actively participate in an area of study in an authentic environment other than the school building. Therefore, on Wednesday afternoons all students are expected to participate in a learning experience for a minimum of three hours per week throughout the school year.


Begin by deciding what would be the most meaningful and realistic ways for you to use A.W.O.L hours. If you are choosing a social justice focus you should make sure that you are truly committed to the cause. In addition, don’t spread yourself too thin! For example, if you’re a 10th year with a full load of classes and cannot drive, taking on an AWOL that requires a two-hour bus ride would be unrealistic. Please discuss the pros and cons of each focus of study with your advisor before you begin the process.


All students are required to be off-campus on Wednesdays. We no longer offer independent study time on Wednesdays, as teachers unavailable for student support. If the student’s AWOL is in the elementary classrooms, he/she is expected to remain in the elementary environment. Students who have scheduling issues or have planned their AWOL’s during the evening or on weekends may use the Golden Library for study or may go home at 11:40 (they will not earn credit for this essential work.)


AWOL Focus of Study Options:

Social Justice
Help create the world that ought to be. This is the service component of the A.W.O.L expectation. You may do service with any established service organization such as Jeffco Action Center, Red Cross, Denver Rescue Mission, or other non-profit organizations. (Remember service work is essential for college applications!)


On-the-Job experience if you have a paying and reputable job you may choose to work at your place of employment during this time. Remember that if you are seeking additional O.J.E credit (beyond you’re A.W.O.L commitment) you must talk to your advisor at the beginning of each semester. For 125 hours of documented work, you may earn ¼ elective credit, and for 250 hours of documented work, you may earn ½ elective credit.


Career Internship - Extension
If you enrolled in the Career Internship class (11th & 12th years only) you may use Wednesday afternoons towards your required four hours per week (minimum) at your internship.