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Welcome to the Aquamarine Room 2016-2017
Curton and Bailey Riggs


Fostering Choice, Independence, and Responsibility
                   “The child is free to choose his or her own work but the child is not free to not work.” -Maria Montessori

Children in Montessori environments learn through their work to be independent thinkers. Through the work they do in the classroom, children are given the choice to explore a spark of interest. Research and self-guided learning are both important aspects of the elementary classroom.

We also work to help the children become independent thinkers, life-long learners, and to be responsible members of a community. They are accountable for being a member of our classroom community, which later translates to being a member of the greater world.


Other Characteristics of the Second Plane Child:

  • They use their reasoning mind to arrive at an understanding.
  • They start to pull away from the family. This occurs because of an inner urge towards entering the wider society.
  • They become daring and adventurous. They are developing courage.
  • Conscience develops, with keen awareness of right and wrong.
  • Greater need for independence-in the family and in the greater society.
  • Sense of Hero-worship.
  • Development of a sense of justice and compassion.
  • Have a greater potential of the intellect: a desire for big tasks and projects.



Thank you all so much for the joy of working with your children!




Christy Curton
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