Newsletter - October 31, 2016

As October is drawing to an end, we hope that all of you enjoyed a safe and fun-filled Halloween!


First of all we would like to make you aware of a few changes to our classroom. Starting last Friday, 10/28, we decided to start having students fill out a biweekly reflection that gets them to look at the work that they have completed, the work that they still need to do, what went well, and what didn't go so well over the two week period. We will add teacher comments to the page and have given you a space to make comments as well. For the first few of these reflections, we are asking that they come back signed by you the following day so that we can make sure that they are getting home. You can typically expect these to come home on Mondays, but because of some unexpected events this past weekend, we are hoping to get them out tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest.


We have also started the routine of having all students fill out their work journal or work plan first thing in the morning, everyday, before they start their work. We are hoping that this will help them to set/prioritize goals and to have a clear plan for each day. So far this seems to be working really well.


Thank you to all of you that supported us with the 6th grade Leadership Trip, Rocket Night, our Halloween Party, and Bowling! We could not have done these wonderful things without your support, so THANK YOU for your time and donations!


Current Lessons/Assignments:
+ Clock of Eons/Timeline of Life - recreate the clock OR research animals from the timeline of life (due 11/1)
+ Animal/Plant Cell - draw each or make a model and label, take a verbal quiz of parts (due 11/2)
+ Microscope Lab - view specimens, draw and describe them (worksheet - due 11/4)
+ The Australopithecines - a journal entry "A Day in the Life", 2x as many sentences as they are old OR an Australopithecus           research card (due 11/8)
+ Types of Adjectives - symbolize nouns and adjectives in sentences, label the type of adjective (worksheet - due 11/8)
+ 6th, Plate Tectonics - layout puzzle maps, create fault model and answer questions (worksheet - due 11/11)
+ 5th, Volcanoes - lay out parts of a volcano material & coordinate map the location of 17 volcanoes, answer questions                   (worksheet - due 11/11)
+ 4th, Types of Rocks - lay out "Who Am I" card riddles with matching rock sample (due 11/14)
+ Math Follow Ups - vary by group (due weekly on set group math day)
+ Literature Groups - assigned reading and activities (due weekly on set lit. group day)
          - Island (Wednesdays)
          - The Giver, A Long Walk to Water, & Touching Spirit Bear (Thursdays)
+ Writer's Workshop - weekly lessons on Thursdays and follow up assignments due the following Wednesday - Personification, bringing an inanimate object to life in a story (due11/17)


Important Dates:
Friday, Nov. 4th - Early release day, no aftercare, pickup is at 11:15AM
Tuesday, Nov. 8th - Friday, Nov. 11th - Scholastic Book Fair at Golden campus
Thursday, Nov. 10th - STEAM Expo
Tuesday, Nov. 15th - Grace & Courtesy Parent Education Night, 6:00 at Golden campus
Thursday, Nov. 17th - Thanksgiving celebration with the High School in the afternoon
Monday, Nov. 21st - Friday, Nov. 25th - NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Break


Pat & Alex