Newsletter - December 1st, 2016


Hello Pyrite Families!


We hope your Thanksgiving Break was full of relaxing, learning, and eating lots of delicious food! Here are some important dates and classroom news for the month of December:


-- In math, we are continuing to have math lessons in our math groups every week. Students are working on long division, all operations with fractions, and all operations with decimals. Everyone would benefit from continued practice and memorization of their math facts as they are used frequently at any level of math.


-- In history and science, we are focusing on the fundamental needs of early humans. We have just had a lesson on the Homo Erectus. The students have been asked to examine the early humans fundamental needs and complete a chart for each of the early human groups we have discussed so far.


-- In language, students have completed their personification stories and we are working on editing the stories. We want the children to understand all the effort that goes into bringing a story all the way to a final publish. Our current focus is on the structure of our writing by putting our thoughts into paragraph form. They have also received lessons on the Comparative and Superlative forms of adjectives, as well the Simple Verb tenses past, present, & future.


-- The students who wanted to participate have selected Secret Santas. We will be giving gifts before each Wednesday of December (7th, 14th, and 21st). The first gift is something from home or something homemade. The second is a card with a hint about who you are. The third and final gift will be opened during our holiday party on December 21st. This gift is a store bought gift, which has a $20 MAX.


-- The entire elementary will be having a holiday performance on December 16th. There will be singing, skits, and more. So join us for this wonderful holiday celebration starting at 5:30 in the auditorium. Please be sure to have your child there 15 minutes before the start!


-- Our last day of school before Winter Break is Wednesday, December 21st. Report cards will be going home with students on this day as well. Students then return to school on Tuesday, January 10th. On this day all of Upper El will be leaving for Snow Mountain Ranch. We will send home a reminder e-mail during break. Please make sure that all trip paperwork and the payment are turned in by December 9th.