Miho Harmes

My name is Miho Harmes. I was born and raised in Japan. I graduated from Kyoto University of Foreign Studies with a B.A. of Arts emphasizing in Brazilian and Portuguese studies. Within these disciplines, I sought out many opportunities to interact with people from various countries. Since then, I have traveled the world learning about people and culture, pursuing my lifelong interest. Before I moved to the United States, I taught ESL for children as well as teaching Japanese to adults. Through those experiences, I learned the value of interactive teaching and curriculum based on the individual learning style. My journey of pursuing Montessori education started when my husband and I enrolled my older son in Compass Montessori School 11 years ago. I was convinced Montessori is the way children should be educated, which led to my interest in completing an AMI primary training through the Denver training program. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family going on trips, hiking, camping as well as listening to music, trying out new recipes from all over the world.