October 28th

Happy Historical Halloween! Thank you to everyone who was able to make it this morning and for all of your hard work helping your child prepare for the event. We loved seeing the creativity with their costumes and their skill and confidence when presenting. 


We still have more fun to come too! On Monday, we will be celebrating Dia de los Muertos. The children will be able to complete three activities. In our classroom, they will be creating a beautiful collage that highlights the colors and imagery of the holiday. In the Aspen room, they will decorate traditional sugar skulls, which are offered to deceased ancestors to celebrate their lives. Lastly, in the Acacia room, they will learn about the cultural significance of sombreros and have an opportunity to make one for themselves. 


Monday is also going to be crazy hair day. Costumes can be distracting in class, but we wanted to offer the children the opportunity to express themselves through crazy hair. 


This past week, the children really enjoyed the Bouldering Bus. They were able to have two experiences: slack-lining and rock climbing. They climbed a rock wall inside of an old school bus! They really enjoyed practicing these skills and working together. As they climbed, each child had a spotter, so they were there to support and encourage each other. The Colorado Mountain Club staff was wonderful with the children and were very thoughtful in their interactions with the children. They had them set goals for the day and reflected with them after each activity. 




The children have also been enjoying Improv with Kenny from Buntport Theater. They practice team building, acting, and thinking on their feet. We have one final session coming up on Tuesday morning. In your child's Friday folders, they received a yellow sheet with payment information. Please return your payment as soon as possible.


In the classroom, we have continued our work as usual, and the children are loving their lessons and practicing their new skills. We are offering even more guidance with the children in their work choices, and we are insisting that they really utilize the Montessori materials to maximize their understanding of math, language, geometry, etc. Additionally, we have given each child a language journal for them to record their language work in. We wanted to let you know so that you are not concerned about the lack of work coming home. They also have a math journal that have been using all year. The only time they don't use these is when a math work is done on a special sheet of paper. With that being said, if at any point this year you are interested in seeing more of your child's math and language work, let us know and we can set up and time to look over their work with you.

We have added the November snack calendar, so please make sure to check if your child is responsible for snack in the coming weeks. 


If you have any questions about Raz-Kids, please let us know. We would love to see more of the children utilizing this wonderful resource that makes reading fun and easy. Additionally, they can answer questions about what they have read to build their comprehension skills. We sent home information in their Friday folders last week, but if you need the information to get started, we are more than happy to send this to you again. 


Have a great weekend!

Michelle and Laura