April 14th



Happy spring! We hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather! 


In the classroom, the children have been working daily on their math, language, reading, and other works. We are working on research projects, creative writing, cursive/handwriting, geometry, art, and much more. We are planning some botany lessons as well, now that the leaves and flowers are out! 


There has been an explosion in reading for the younger students! Your children have been working so hard in the classroom, but we know you are doing your part at home as well, so thank you! For all students, we have our end of the year DIBELS reading assessment in the next few weeks, so please make sure you're sticking to the reading at home and encouraging your child to read daily. Please also make time for them to read aloud to you, as this really helps to build their confidence and strengthen their fluency. 


The older students have been patient, confident, and diligent in taking their PARCC test. With only 2 days left (Monday and Tuesday), we know the 3rd graders are excited to finish and get back into their normal morning routine! 


We are proud of the progress the children have made this year and are excited to end the year strong! 


For the last few weeks, we have noticed that many children are complaining about being hungry during the morning work period. They are having trouble focusing because they are pre-occupied with snack. The snacks we have are not enough to be a meal, so please make sure your child is eating a hearty breakfast!


Thank you to everyone who was able to attend Festa this year! We loved seeing the enthusiasm and love you all have for the Compass community. Thank you so much to Kristy Mullins, who organized, designed, and executed our auction project! It turned out beautifully and raised over $400! We also want to thank all the parents who signed their child up for our hiking adventure. We are looking forward to spending the afternoon with your children! 


Upcoming Dates

  • Transition Day- April 19th 

3rd grade students will visit Upper El and Children's House students will visit the Cypress room

  • Transition Meeting- April 19th, 6:15pm

3rd grade parents will meet with Upper Elementary teachers to learn about Upper el and talk about your child's transition.

  • Spring Picture Day- April 21st
  • Work Day- April 22nd, 8am-12pm
  • Early Release- April 28th
  • 3rd Grade Trip Forms Due- May 1st
  • Book Fair- May 2nd-May 5th
  • 3rd Grade Trip- May 10th-12th
  • Field Day- May 25th
  • Last Day of School/Early Release- May 26th