September 2nd

Welcome to our first newsletter of the year! We will be posting on the website every other week, and we will be sure to let you know when we update the page. 


The Cypress room is off to a great start this year. The children are busy working, learning, reading, and getting to know each other. We have been exploring our earth and the sun, as well as the other planets of the solar system. Some of us are making discoveries in botany, including the needs of plants, and flowers. We are refreshing ourselves in our math and language skills and having fun learning new works!


We wanted to clarify with the parents about our policy on toys. The adults responsible for the children during recess have decided that they do not want toys and Pokemon cards at recess. They are free to bring balls and jump ropes, but other toys are not allowed. They are concerned they'll get lost or damaged, and Pokemon cards add their own element of issues with trading and whatnot. If you child MUST bring toys to school, they must remain in their backpacks during the day. This applies to cell phones and electronics as well. 


Our 3rd grade friends will be taking MAPs testing next week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The subjects will be Language, Reading, and Math. The purpose of the fall test is for us to see what the children need to work on this year. We discussed the test with the 3rd graders and told them we are just trying to find out what they know, so all they have to do is try their best. We don't want them to feel anxious about the test, so please reassure them at home that they shouldn't feel too much pressure. Additionally, a hearty breakfast and good night's sleep will serve them well. 


Snack has been going well, and we are seeing lots of nutritious treats. Remember to check the snack calendar (located on our website) to check for your child's day. We request that you not send popcorn, as it makes a big mess and it's hard for the children to serve themselves without spilling it. We know it's delicious and healthy, but it's difficult in the classroom. 


We wanted to remind everyone who ordered that hot lunch starts on Tuesday, September 6th. 


Please check your child's backpack every Friday afternoon. We send home Friday Folders and water bottles. The Friday Folder will contain their work from the week and flyers with important information. Please send back their empty folders and water bottles when they return to school the following week. We have many water bottles without names, so please put your child's name on the bottle so we can keep track of them. 


Have a great weekend!

Michelle and Laura