September 16th

We've had another great two weeks in the Cypress room. The children have been doing a wide variety of work, and we are excited to see the progress they are already making. Our new students are fully integrated into the class; they are discovering new works and making great friends. 


We have continued our botany studies and have dissected flowers to learn about the function of each of its parts. We also planted different types of seeds to observe their growth. Some of the seeds were planted in a root viewer so the children could see how the roots grow as well. 



We have also been studying the Timeline of Life, which tells the story of how life came to be on our earth. The children see how life started in the water and then moved onto land, and at the very end, after a long, long time, the earth was finally ready for humans. The children love to look at the timeline and discuss the variety of life on our planet. They also love seeing the ancient animals that resemble the animals we see today.



On a daily basis, in addition to work, we have Read Aloud, Silent Reading, and we sing together. We are learning lots of fun songs, and the children are even teaching each other new tunes! We are integrating art and music into work time as well. Many of the children have made pinch pots and are working with the Montessori bells and Tone Bars. 



We have a new member of the class! Soloman, a 15 year old corn snake, has joined the Cypress room. He was a part of Laura's class when she was in Children's House. The children have loved observing him and learning more about snakes and reptiles. He has even inspired some research! The children will be working with us to care for Soloman so they will learn the needs of reptiles. We also hope that through interacting with him, they will deepen their respect for all the creatures of our world. 



We want to thank everyone who has volunteered for Bingo, both this year and last year. With these additional funds, we were able to purchase new shelves for our geography work. We also used some of these funds for brand new tables and chairs. The children were so excited when they saw the new furniture, one of them exclaimed, "Why is our room so beautiful? I LOVE it." We have another Bingo session in the spring, so please sign up to help!




On Wednesday of next week (September 21st), we will be celebrating Peace Day. Dr. Montessori not only dedicated her life to education, but she also fought for peace. In fact, she thought education could bring peace to the world. She said, “Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war.” As part of the school-wide celebration, the children have learned a beautiful song that they will sing with the other Lower Elementary classes. We ask that your child wears a white shirt on Wednesday, if they have one. 


Next Friday, September 23rd, is an early release day. Carline will be from 11:15-11:30. 


That evening, Lower Elementary will be hosting a marshmallow roast at the Golden campus. We hope to see you all there!



We will be sending out a Sign Up Genius link soon to sign up for conferences. These will take place the weeks of October 3rd and 10th, so keep an eye out for that. 


Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us!