November 11, 2016

     We had a fabulous HIstorical Halloween celebration last Friday as well as a terrific Immersion Day on Monday, honoring traditions from and learning more about Day of the Dead. This week we held a Presidential election on Tuesday, attended the Steam Expo Science Fair on Wednesday and had a visit from our storyteller GrandBear on Thursday. It's been a busy week and we are trying to settle back into our routines before the winter holidays are upon us!


     We continue our studies of Asia, plate tectonics and volcanos, as well as daily math and language work. Second graders have begun Asian animal research projects and are very excited to publish and share their learning. Next week third years will begin looking at Asian country research and report writing. We are delighted with the enthusiam and interest children are showing through their work!



     In preparation for Thanksgiving we have begun reading the story of the pilgrims to the class. Next week is our Thanksgiving Pie Party on Friday, November 18 @ 1:30. Students brought home an invitation for two guests to attend; unfortunately we are limited in space and cannot exceed safety standards. We look forward to seeing many of you there before the week-long Thanksgiving Break begins. We will be back in school Monday, November 28 after break.