December 9, 2016

     Spirits and energy levels are high as the weather begins to change and we approach the holiday season. Many things have been happening in the classroom but we have much to accomplish before the break! Our second year students have worked hard researching, editing, writing and presenting reports on the animals of Asia while our third years begin their research on Asian countries. Completed reports have been on display in the room for several weeks, and many children will be bringing them home to share with families. Be sure to ask about the diagrams, maps and graphs they've included - they are very proud of their work!


As studies of Asian animals, land and waterforms, culture and countries deepens our work in other areas continues. Students are enjoying new math and language lessons aa they strengthen their skill base daily. We appreciate your support of us and your children as we try to keep our focus through the next week and a half of school. We will also be doing middle of the year reading testing to include with their report cards. Look for report cards in Friday folders on December 21st. We will also be having a pajama party on the 21st. Children are welcome to wear their pajamas and bring one lovey item; we will still be going outside so they will need boots, coats and warm clothing as well!



works2                                                                      Works1


     Today we were fortunate to be able to see a play of The Nutcracker at Miner's Alley Children's Theater in Golden with the Forest Room. It was a very well done, interactive experience and the children had a wonderful time. Next week we will send home a flyer with information about future productions at Miner's Alley for your information.

     We hope everyone is staying warm as temperatures drop and days grow shorter. We are all very excited about the upcoming break and it beginning on the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice!