January 20, 2017

     Students have been doing an excellent job since returning from break and are delving back into their studies in all areas. We have had two short weeks, allowing us to ease back into our classroom routines. We were also delighted that we were able to enjoy our annual ice skating trip to Evergreen Lake with all of lower elementary. The day was perfect, the ice was frozen thick, and children were excited to refine existing skating techniques or courageously try a new skill. We are hopeful this tradition can continue!

     In addition to regular language and mathematics studies, children are continuing their explorations of Asia and the inner Earth. We are also looking at insects and spiders, studying types of butterflies and the butterfly life cycle. Children enjoy the many colors and varieties of butterflies and moths, and some third years have been making their own spiders. We love seeing all the enthusiasm and activity in our room!

penmanship             dictionary work        spider research

                                     working kids

                                     asia landform map                          


Enjoy the winter weather while it lasts!!