September 23, 2016

     This week has been an eventful one with school pictures, Peace Day celebrations and an early release day. Always so many things happening!


     Our school Peace Day celebration on Wednesday was lovely. The entire campus gathered in the front of the building to share songs, poems and readings, and to dedicate our new peace pole to Ann Angell. Lower Elementary as a group preformed "Light a Candle for Peace," even incorporating a two part segment into the song. Children did a fantastic job and enjoyed preforming together. Check out our new peace pole the next time you visit!


     Students will be receiving Scholastic readers in their Friday folders throughout the school year. Second years brought home readers today and many of them may want to try a vegetable floating experiment at home this weekend! We send these to encourage reading at home for pleasure (and to maybe learn something new). Kids who enjoy reading on their own are proven to be more successful in school!


     Fall parent/teacher conferences are coming up in October! We have created a sign-up genius to sign up for a 15 minute time slot to meet with us. We have times after school on October 5, October 10 and October 12 and want to meet with every family. Please copy and paste this link early to find a time that works for you!


     As a class we are working on independence: identifying required tasks; time management; choosing academically appropriate works; finding materials and supplies necessary to complete a work; and personal responsibility for choices and actions. A way that this can be supported at home is allowing your child to have responsibility without reminders; when we have to prod children to complete chores the ownership transfers to us. Failing at tasks and trying again provide learning opportunities; don't do everything for your kids! Our goal is to help children become the independent, life long learners they are meant to be!


     Please check the 'snack calendar' link on our webpage for October's snack calendar. We are also looking for FIVE more volunteers for our October 2 bingo slot. If you are able to support us in this way please go to the sign-up genius link below.


     Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful solstice weather!