February Happenings

February Happenings


Compass Housekeeping


We need your help!  With Spring Break rapidly approaching and yucky bugs going around the school, we want to take a moment to talk about attendance.  We understand that our students have a whole life outside of the Earth Room but please help us in planning lessons for our students and normalizing our environment by following the proper procedure for excused absences.

  1. If you know your student is going to absent (Even for just one day!), please get an excused absence form and have your kiddo bring it to the teachers at least 1 week before the absence.

  2. After we fill out the lessons the student will be missing and give them a folder of works for makeup, we will then sign off on the form and give a copy to Ms Lisa.

  3. Upon the student’s return, we will have a conference with them their first day back to go over the material to make sure they understand the concepts.

  4. Please keep in mind that Friendship Fridays in the Earth Room are what we work for all week and removing your child on a Friday afternoon makes it impossible for the Earth Room guides to hold true to our commitment to our students and celebrate our hard work throughout the week


Spread the Love

Spread the Love was a huge success this year!  Compass made quite the difference that day in volunteering with the local police department in assisti

Dance a thon

The dance a thon last Saturday was a huge success!  Thanks to all who made it out and made the event fun.  The kiddos said they had a great time… AND we raised quite a bit of money for Compass, so THANK YOU!



CMAS has been scheduled for the first week of April at Compass Wheat Ridge.  If you have questions about testing, please keep in mind that these are the tests we are required to give by Jefferson County, not the MAPS assessment we give our kiddos to drive our instruction and track their progress.


*Early Release March 15 at 11:15am*

Pi Week

Pi Day is a pretty big holiday around Upper El and we are excited to announce that we will be doing all of our prep here at Compass in our new kitchen and Pi Day will be Pi Week!  Each Upper El Classroom will be prepping their pies Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and we will give Pi lessons on Thursday. Friday we will have our “Pi Off” to see how many numbers of Pi the kiddos can memorize and celebrate by eating pie before our early release.



Compass now has its own Instagram!  Please follow @compass_montessori to stay in the loop!


Lessons this month


Our 4th years are focusing on abstract long division and 2-digit division with the Stamp Game.  Our 5th years are divining into decimals with materials and in the abstract. Our 6th years are learning how to analyze data and graphs through statistics and proportions.  


Our 4th years are learning about pronouns and conjunctions as well as expository research for their POL’s.  The 5th years are working on comma usage and sentence structure. Our 6th years are writing away and working so hard on their Empowerment reports.  We are supporting this with lessons in editing, punctuation, and introductions and conclusions.


In biology, we wrapped up our human body systems and are moving into Chemistry and Physics lessons.


Our 5th and 6th years are learning about potential and kinetic energy and our 4th years are learning about different types of solids.


Our 6th years have fallen in love with the Periodic Table of Elements and we are supporting that interest with lessons in elements and compounds.


In history, we are learning about Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome.


In art, we are learning about drawing in symmetry, Op Art lines, and more shape work.

So, lots of lessons in February & more fun things coming our way in March!


Spring Trip

We will be announcing our Spring Trip details in our March blod, so please stay tuned!