April/ May Happenings

End of the Year Happenings


Spring Trip

Our Spring Trip is just around the corner!  Please return your paperwork and submit payment by next Monday, May 6th.  If you have any issues with payment, please contact Nicole in the front office. We will be leaving Monday, May 20th right after drop off and returning to school for parent pick up on May 22nd between 1:30pm -2pm.  Please park on the street and not in the lot.  Please be prompt at pick up as the other 2 classrooms will be arriving after Earth Room and car line is shortly there after. If you are unable to pick your child up at this time, please email EarthRoom@compassk12.org and we will make arrangements accordingly.


End of the Year Locker Clean Out

Please send your child to school with a garbage bag to clean their belongings out of their lockers the week of May 13th.


MobyMax and Lexia Access

Please note that all of our students will have access to MobyMax through the summer.  Those students who signed up for Lexia will also have access to their Lexia accounts through the summer.  If you need assistance with usernames and how to access these educational sites, please refer to the blog post from February.


Library Speed Dating Event

We like to kick off breaks with an event called “Library Speed Dating”, which means Lakewood librarians come into our classroom and the students can check out books for summer break.  Please make sure your child has a valid library card and has no overdue fines prior to May 16th.  If you need to get your child a library card, please email EarthRoom@compassk12.org no later than May 10th and we will send your child home with a form.


Compass Summer Read Program

If you are interested in signing up for the Compass Summer Reading Program, please refer to the email we sent on April 11th.


Summer Projects

All 4th and 5th years will be expected to complete a Summer Project.  This project usually involves a research on any aspect of their summer.  Students are not expected to complete a research paper, but they are expected to complete a presentation including talking points about their research as well as a visual aid.  Some examples can be presentations on summer trip outings about the culture/ history, science experiments or anything your child is gravitating toward. If you have any questions, please feel free EarthRoom@compassk12.org.


6th Year Empowerment

Empowerment Presentations are just a short week away.  If your child has not been working diligently on their Empowerment at home, please expect to see a lot of stress surrounding finishing up their presentation.  This is completely normal but please feel free to reach out with any questions.



We completed our District required CMAS testing and are currently proctoring our MAPS assessments. To clarify, the results of your student’s MAPS assessments will be sent home with report cards on the last day of school.  Your student’s CMAS results will be handed out in the fall of 2019, or mailed to your address listed in Infinite Campus if you are no longer enrolled in Compass.


Lessons in April

In addition to all of this fun, we are thrilled about the lessons we were able to give to the students in the month of April.  In math, we are supporting the students’ interest in real life applications through lessons on budgeting, incorporating decimal addition and subtraction for our 4th years, decimal multiplication for our 5th years, and compounding interest and percentage work for our 6th years.  Some of our students are also working on finding Square Roots on the pegboard.


In Language, we are supporting their expository research for their POLs and Empowerment through one on one targeted lessons ranging from punctuation and parts of speech to bibliographies and presentations.


In Art, we were able to introduce a brand new curriculum and bring new materials into the classroom like tempra paints, acrylic, and watercolor with alcohol.  In History, we have been studying the Clock of Eras and the Timeline of Life. In Science, we are focused on Botany and animal classifications.


In Mindfulness work, we introduced meditation in our environment and the students loved it so much we have decided to start each Morning Work Period with a short, guided meditation.  


Lessons in May


In May, we will be asking our students to make lists of everything they would like to review and give lessons based on their requests.