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Welcome to Compass Montessori School!

Utilizing authentic Montessori methods, the Compass community aims to nurture the whole child and enrich the lives of each student from Preschool to 12th grade.

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Compassionate Parenting Class

Are you interested in learning how making changes to the way you communicate can deepen your connection with your child and create more harmony in your household?  Compass parents are invited to come together for 8 weeks to learn and practice communication skills that foster connection, trust, cooperation, and compassion.

Compass Montessori Summer Program 2018

Welcome to our 18th year of Summer Camp!


What’s New This Summer?

  • We are offering a great flexible summer program for 8 weeks!!

  • We are focusing our program for children 3 years old to entering 6th grade in order to ensure developmentally appropriate activities (children must be 3 to attend our program).



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