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Equity Committee



Compass’ Equity Committee advocates for education through a lens of equity.  Our focus is for students, staff, and families to feel supported, accepted, and included by creating social justice curriculum appropriate for each level; ensuring educators and staff of racial diversity are supported our hiring and onboarding practices; creating a student diversity and inclusion club where students feel seen and accepted; and communicating clearly with families so they can continue these conversations at home.


Members include staff and parents who have an interest in creating an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion of race, orientation, gender identity, disability, spiritual beliefs, and culture for the entire Compass community.



For example, your child might have a conversation about including a peer who is exploring their gender identity. Compass is committed to taking a proactive approach to recognizing and eliminating biases and/or prejudice in our environment. Anti‐bias resources and conversations promote an understanding of democracy and invites students to invent strategies for improving social conditions. Most importantly, students learn they cannot make fun of, harm, or harass other students for their identity or beliefs. An important function of education is to provide students with an understanding of how controversial issues are dealt with in a democracy. This includes the opportunity to learn about the issues, problems, and concerns of contemporary society, to form opinions, and to participate in discussion of these issues and expression of opinion in the classroom. We do not expect all students, families or community members to agree with our discourse and approach to learning about bias, but it is our philosophy and belief that it prepares students for the rapidly changing views and language regarding bias, racism and gender. 



For example, your child might have a conversation about including a peer who is exploring their gender identity. Students learn rapidly changing language on gender and how to support others with differing identities, beliefs and values. Students at Compass are taught how to respect, support and gage with others of differing identities, beliefs and value systems.


Students are often inspired through these discussions and ideas and engage in further dialogue and advocacy with staff to create, execute and lead social justice activities and events. This fosters the value of inclusion and courage and how to use their voice as a changemaker in our world.


Another example might be acknowledging that the world is sometimes stressful or challenging and our staff works hard to remind students that it's ok to not be ok all of the time, and it's ok to express their feelings.


If you have questions about equity at Compass, or want to hear more about the work our Equity Committee is doing, email [email protected]