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Infinite Campus Portal & Fees

All families should visit Infinite Campus Parent Portal regularly throughout each school year. This is where parents/guardians share their contact information, emergency contacts, communication preferences and pay school fees. 


Click on "more" in the left column, and then "Jeffco Student Fee Payment" to review your fees. Then scroll down and select "yes" on the fees you're choosing to pay. 


(Remember that Compass Hot Lunch is NOT paid here, We do not use the Jeffco Meal Plan for payments for lunches. Our hot lunch program is created in-house by our school chefs, and lunch fees are paid at the bottom of the hot lunch order forms when you place your order.)



Explanation of FEES at Compass Montessori 

Below you will find a list of fees you might see in your Infinite Campus Parent Portal, depending on your child’s grade level.  

Fees are an essential ingredient in the success of our public charter Montessori school. From the consumable supplies each student requires, to the specific classroom materials so important to a quality Montessori experience, fees help to support the work we do with your child at Compass. . 

Fees are collected at the time of Registration each year so that our staff can have the resources needed to prepare for the new school year. If you have questions, feel free to email us anytime! 


Consumable Supplies at all levels are things like paper, pencils, markers etc. We have limited storage and teachers need particular items for their authentic Montessori classrooms. This fee also goes towards treats at celebrations and other art projects.


Materials fees cover the Montessori materials and furniture in the classrooms. Montessori materials are made of natural material such as wood, which are safe, durable and inspiring for our students. They are often more expensive, but tend to be durable. This fee helps teachers replace items as needed. The district requires we list materials fees as optional for parents, but it’s an essential part of meeting our school’s mission as a Montessori charter school.


This fee is for software and student’s academic use of school Chromebooks.

Print Shop

The print fee is used in lieu of textbooks. Since Montessori meets every child where they are individually, we often print specific workbooks and other work, which is customized to each student.  

Self-Expression Supplies

This would be an elective fee at other schools, as Self-Expressions are our Farm School’s elective classes.. At a traditional middle school, you might see an art class fee or a band fee. Instead, we collect this at the beginning of the year so students can flow in and out of self expressions throughout the year. Most of the funding is spent on consumable supplies like paint, foam board, tools, and other building materials. 

Peace Education 

Peace education funding goes toward literature books, guest speakers, MLK day education,  etc. It’s listed on it’s own because it’s optional. If you value this part of your child’s academic experience, you might want to pay this even if you don’t pay other optional fees. 

PSAT Test (9th grade)

This is the cost of PSAT for 9th graders. It’s optional; only students who want to take the PSAT in 9th grade pay this fee.  


The graduation fee is a standard fee for the 12th year students. We collect it at the beginning of the year so that the student-led committee has a budget ready to go when planning High School Graduation. 


The donation amounts listed are optional, and you can choose which donation amount you’d like to make, if you choose to make a donation town beginning of the year fees for Compass Montessori

Helpful Links

Please click on the link below to access your student fees.


If you have difficulties accessing your account please use the Personal Assistant Manager link


In addition here is a helpful article for families that continue to have issues with your account.