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Compass is a unique place where children can explore their interests and curiosity with thoughtful consideration of their internal compass. Ultimately, we foster independent thinking, a love of learning, and development of each unique child. We believe that encouraging intrinsic motivation creates grounded, kind, thoughtful, and self-directed young adults who are engaged and confident about being a meaningful part of their community. 

True to the Montessori philosophy, we offer the following: 

  • Multi-age classrooms in three-year developmental blocks, with children acting as both students and teachers. Mentorship is an opportunity that students develop in the classroom. As they master their work, they naturally grow into leadership roles in their diverse community   
  • We model a collaborative community where children learn to work together, respect themselves and others, and respect their environment. In each classroom, students prepare and clean up for snacks, lunch, and celebrations together. Responsibilities for tasks are assigned to individual students and rotate each week, which builds community, and reminds students they can rely on one another, which ultimately fosters kindness, empathy, and teamwork. 
  • The curriculum at Compass is tailored to each child. Lessons are given to meet each student where they are. Traditional grading systems are not used until 9th grade. Thorough assessments are made, and guides (teachers) consult students along the way and teach them to self-assess and meet deadlines. 
  • Our beautiful open classrooms offer prepared work environments which nurture and protect a child’s concentration, and workspaces for small groups or on the floor with traditional Montessori materials. These environments encourage independence, concrete problem-solving, and a hands-on learning experience. 
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