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Medical Forms

General Health Appraisal Form This form is for annual wellness visits, which the school needs annually. It must be within one year of the "Date of Last Visit" date listed on this form to be considered current for school records. These forms are good for one year, then need to be updated with a new wellness visit and form. For example, if your child’s birthday is in October, you must submit a copy of their most current general health form, and then submit the updated one in October after their annual exam. 

Immunizations - All students must have a current immunization record on file at the school. Please send the clinic aide at your campus the most updated version of your immunizations annually. If you have chosen to delay immunizations, and they do not align with the CDPHE, then you must submit an exemption form in the place of those delayed immunizations. Please submit a list of your child’s immunizations annually so we have the most up to date copy.

Exemptions - If your child has an exemption for immunizations, please click on exemptions and read through the CDPHE information. Then, provide us with the appropriate forms on record annually (every year, we need an updated exemption form). 

Medication Agreement Form (all school) - This form is if your child needs any medication WHILE AT SCHOOL.

Medical Agreement Form (7th - 12th) - This form is if your secondary is going on AN OVERNIGHT TRIP, and needs meds on the trip. Your child still needs to submit the Medication Agreement Form (all school) if they also needs meds while at school. There is one form for AT SCHOOL & one form for ON AN OVERNIGHT TRIP.

Standard Health Plan for Allergy-Anaphylaxis - This form is if your child has an allergy, even if your child is "self-carry"

Colorado Asthma Care Plan- This form is if your child has asthma, even if your child is self-carrying their meds, inhalers, etc


Pre-Arranged Absence Request Form  

Click here for the Pre-Arranged Absence Form for the 2023 - 2024 school year. 


Absent or Tardy Forms (per campus)

To report your child absent or tardy, please use the following Attendance & Tardy Forms. (The online form(s) below are the preferred method for reporting absences and tardies.)


Wheat Ridge Attendance & Tardy Form 2023-24


Golden Attendance & Tardy Form 2023-24


1st - 12th GRADE - 2023-24 Blanket Permission Form

The Compass Blanket Permission Form 2023-24 allows your child to participate in Field Trips, Going-Outs, walks to the park or other opportunities for students to explore off campus with their class throughout the year.

Some adventures are impromptu and do not include transportation (such as a walk to the park), and parents won't be notified prior to those events.

However, if you child is going off campus with transportation, YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED BEFORE THE TRIP, and this form helps us expedite these opportunities for students. 

Completing this form at the beginning of the school year helps support our staff with collecting permission ahead of time, so they may expedite their planning for future trips.

If you have questions about this packet, please email [email protected].

What is a "Going Out?"

At Compass we encourage and support students to take what they are learning in the classroom environment and seek to learn more about it out in the world. Therefore, we offer several "going out" trips throughout the year. Elementary students may feel inspired to research a certain topic, and are given space to initiate a field trip somewhere to explore that topic in a more hands-on or in-person way.

They may take field trips as a classroom as well. Farm School students may take trips during their Self Expressions and High School students may take trips during AWOL, electives, or as an entire group for various reasons throughout the year. 

In order to simplify this experience for all of our students we ask that you please complete the blanket permission form above. 

The Going Out PLANNING form for students and teachers prior to requesting permission is HERE



All volunteers and chaperones must complete the following forms at Compass Montessori. Please complete the forms below prior to volunteering or chaperoning at our school.

  1. Background Check Form - You may complete the Background Check Form online by completing THIS BACKGROUND CHECK FORM.
  2. Compass Montessori Chaperones & Volunteer Agreement Form 2023 - 2024 - HERE
Photo Opt-Out Form 2023-24 HERE
Please ONLY complete this form if you DO NOT want your child included in any photography for the Compass website, school Instagram or other shared publications. If you are ok with your child being in photos to celebrate our school, no action is required.

Please note, pictures will be casual, and are mostly meant to capture the work of a child/student. Often the images won't include a child's whole face, and aim to represent and celebrate the experience as a Montessori student. Names will not be attached to images used. If you have questions before answering, please email our Director of Communications, Cary Stiever, at [email protected] anytime.


Family Economic Data Form 2023 - 2024
For the Free & Reduced Lunch option for your child, please submit the Family Economic Data Survey to the front office by September 30, 2023.
Once approved, you MUST still complete the hot lunch menu each month so food can be ordered for your child(ren).