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Student Code of Conduct

Jefferson County Public Schools Code of Conduct
You and your student are required to receive a copy and read, as is age
appropriate, the Jefferson County Public Schools Student and Family
Handbook (Code of Conduct). As a Jeffco Public School, this is our guiding
document for the majority of discipline issues and conduct expectations.
Please make note of Jefferson County Public Schools requirements around
computer and internet use, safe and drug free schools and the no tolerance
around bullying and harassment.

Montessori Peace Process and Community Norms
While at school, students are expected to respect themselves, others, and
the environment in such a manner so as not to disturb or injure themselves
or others. Each program level has additional norms in place for a defined
culture of positive behavioral expectations. Compass partners with
parents/guardians on behavioral matters.

We encourage the children to work out their differences with each other.
When needed, we will help mediate their disagreements, showing them how
to talk to each other to resolve their problems. This is called The Montessori
Peace Process. Many disagreements and hurt feelings come from
misunderstood intentions. Disagreements are not settled by forcing a child to
say “I’m sorry” but instead encouraging active listening and restorative

At some time, all children exhibit behavior that needs correcting. However, not
all children can be disciplined the same way due to age, the frequency of the
behavior, length of time spent in the environment, and child’s personality.
The 39 main points used in disciplining a child at Compass Montessori are:
● A child must have an understanding of what behavior is acceptable
before being expected to follow that behavior.
● The school rules are explained to the children, consistently with the
reasoning for that rule, as they learn the school expectations.
● A child must be able to follow the rules.
● As they grow in age, the children also grow in their ability to follow the
school rules.
● Behavioral choices lead to consequences.
The goal for giving consequences is to teach a lesson that leads to positive
choices. It encourages self-examination, accepting responsibility for one's
actions, the ability to learn from mistakes, and the development of an inner
voice of self-control.
Dress Code
Students are expected to dress appropriately for school work, farm/outdoor
work, outside weather conditions, and general safety. For health and safety
reasons, shoes are to be worn at all times. In an effort to bring focus and
attention to the work in the classroom, we are asking that you avoid sending
your children with clothing, lunch boxes, shoes etc. that could be distracting or
impede their independence. Clothing garments supporting the use or
endorsement of liquor, tobacco, drugs, or violence are not allowed. Students
will be notified of clothing that does not meet the community norms and will
be asked to wear additional clothes provided by the school.

Outdoor activities are essential to the development of children. We encourage
appropriate clothing so children can go out in any weather. These items may
include coats, hats, mittens, boots, and snow pants. Please make sure to label
all of these items. Each classroom's daily outdoor activities will be coordinated
by their teacher. Students may be kept inside, with appropriate activities, if the
temperature falls below 25°F or rises above 100°F, unless a specific activity is
High School: Students are expected to know and adhere to the dress code
required of their AWOL posting.

Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination
Compass is committed to providing a safe learning and work environment
where all members of the school community are treated with dignity and
respect. All administrators, teachers, staff, and students share the responsibility
to ensure that bullying, harassment, and discrimination does not occur on
school property, at any school-sanctioned activity or event, when students are
being transported in any vehicle dispatched by the school, or off school
property when such conduct has a nexus to school or any school curricular or
non-curricular activity or event. In determining the appropriate action to be
taken in response to incidents of student bullying, harrasment and
discrimination, the Executive Director, Principal, Program Director, or staff
member shall consider existing policies and regulations that address the type
of conduct that may be involved. Further details about definitions, policies and
procedures can be found in the Jefferson County Code of Conduct.
Investigation of Suspected Student Misconduct
In order to protect the safety and welfare of students and staff, and to maintain
order and discipline on school property or at school sponsored activities or
events, school administration may search a student’s locker or desk and its
contents, personal property, or automobile under the circumstances described
in policy and may seize any illegal, unauthorized, or contraband materials.
School lockers, desks, and other storage areas provided for student use on
school premises are school property and remain at all times under the
ownership and control of the school. Lockers, desks, and storage areas, as well
as the contents therein, are subject to inspection at any time, without notice
and without cause, at the discretion of Jeffco Public Schools. No student shall
lock or impede access to any locker or storage areas except with a lock
provided or approved by school authorities.

Searches of a student’s person or personal effects such as a backpack, purse,
book bag, electronic devices, motor vehicle, etc., within the school or on school
grounds may be conducted by the principal or designee when that official has
reasonable grounds to suspect that the search will uncover evidence of a
violation of Board and/or district policies, school rules, or federal, state, or local
laws or uncover the presence of an item that presents an immediate danger of
physical harm or illness to any person.

We strictly adhere to the Jefferson County Public Schools Conduct Code on
plagiarism which states: “Knowingly copying or using academic work of
another and presenting it as his or hers without proper attribution is grounds
for suspension.” Students are expected to know what plagiarism is. A first
offense of plagiarizing another’s work receives a zero on the assignment. A
second offense results in failing the class. Plagiarism includes known scholarly
work, copy/pasting from the Internet, as well as copy/pasting other student’s
work. We support students with lessons on what plagiarism is, how to cite
sources and how to avoid plagiarizing early in the semester.