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Is Compass Montessori a public or private school? 
Compass Montessori is a Jeffco Public charter school. 
How many students attend Compass Montessori? 
We have about 700 students on our Golden and Wheat Ridge campuses from Children's House (Pre-K) through High School. 
Children's House (this is preschool in Montessori, and includes three, four and five-year old children) has 250 students attending on both campuses. 
Our Lower Elementary program, which includes 1st - 3rd grade includes about 150 students on both campuses. 
Our Upper Elementary program, which includes 4th - 6th graders has about 150 additional student attending on both campuses. 
Our Farm School (7th - 9th grader) has approximately 150 students attending on the Golden campus only. 
Our High School (10th - 12th grade) has about 100 students attending on the Golden High School campus. 
What is the typical class size for students at Compass Montessori? 
On average our Children's House and Elementary classrooms have about 30 children in them, and two teachers. Our Farm School offers three occupations with about 50 student in each, and three guides (teachers). Our high school operates like a small liberal arts college, and students rotate through their work in small groups guided by their own intrinsic motivation in partnership with their guides and advisors.