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SAC Committee

The Accountability Committee serves in an advisory role to the Board of Directors and School Administration in academic strategies, budget recommendations, and promoting action items based on community input, such as the school survey. See more info below.

 What is SAC?

State law requires all schools (including charters) to have a SAC committee. Jeffco Public Schools believes "in the value of community involvement in our schools. Active family engagement helps to ensure that the unique needs of the school’s community are served through a positive collaboration between the school’s leaders, staff, and members of the community. SAC membership empowers the school community by giving members a voice in critical areas of school administration, including budget decisions and school performance improvement plans. The SAC serves in an advisory role to the school Principal. SAC's activities are centered about the school's budget, School Unified Improvement Plan (UPI), Parent Family Community Engagement (and if applicable turnaround plans)."

Who is on SAC?


Principal, Chair (must be a parent), at least one teacher, at least three additional parents at the school, an adult member of an organization of parents, teachers, and students recognized by the school, at least one community member.


How do I contact SAC at Compass?


You may email [email protected] to contact the Chair, Stephanie Straley