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There are MANY ways to volunteer at Compass Montessori, and we encourage all to find their niche in the community. We simply can't do it without you, and volunteering is the best way to know each other and be in community with one another. This time you offer our school helps us cut costs, and every penny we save because of our volunteers can go back into our learning environments, teachers, staff and enriching our students' experience. 

Volunteer Hours - As a charter school, we must be intentional about building our school community, and Compass families are asked to volunteer about 50 hours (or equivalent) each school year. 

You can log your volunteer hours HERE!

Why do we collect volunteer hours? - We collect volunteer hours each year to ensure our community is supporting our school in a shared effort, and to celebrate our volunteer work together as a strong, collaborative charter school with a vision for more to come. Often donors appreciate the effort volunteers make in a community when considering their donations to our school, and your role in that outreach is important.


Join our Parent, Teacher, Student Association (PTSA) is a volunteer association where parents, educators, and students work together to build community. Our PTSA strives to enhance the community’s experience at Compass Montessori by creating a positive atmosphere where students, families, teachers, and administrators can collaborate in meaningful ways. Compass PTSA supports Work Days and Parent Education, funds classroom projects, facilitates Staff Appreciation, hosts WinterFest, supports athletics and extracurricular activities, and offers competitive scholarships to graduating seniors. Email for more information.

Join PTSA HERE. It's important for parents to become a PTSA member, even if you can't participate with PTSA as a volunteer. The membership funding helps support our PTSA community events at Compass Montessori. 

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Compass Montessori Education Foundation (CMEF) is a non-profit, 501(C)(3) that raises money to help maintain the quality of Compass’ authentic Montessori education. As a JeffCo Public Charter School, Compass Montessori pays its own operating and facilities expenses. CMEF supplements the school’s operating budget to ensure every student at Compass has an authentic Montessori experience. CMEF also sponsors extracurricular activities and athletics, supports Staff Appreciation events, facilitates student participation in trips, and funds facility needs. With CMEF’s support, Compass Montessori has built a national reputation for providing a highly effective curriculum that inspires a lifelong love of learning and prepares each student for a successful future. The CMEF Board and its members are volunteers from our community.

Visit them at or email to get involved. There are several planning committees (outside of the “board” duties), which they need volunteers!



Volunteer in the classroom

Watch for emails from your Room Parent and teachers for ways to volunteer in the classroom. These opportunities are more common for Children’s House through Upper Elementary and may vary depending on grade level, teacher and campus and each year is a little different. Options might include helping with classroom materials, creating needs for the room, volunteering to read with children, or be a mystery reader for the class.

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School Board of Directors

Attend our monthly Compass School Board meetings. Our Board ensures our mission as a public Montessori charter school and maintains and enforces school policies through the Executive Director, Dr. Cameron Gehlen. Meetings are held the last Tuesday of each month, and all in our community are encouraged to attend in an effort to stay informed and have a voice in many pivotal decisions made for our school each year.

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Compass Equity Committee
Compass’ Equity Committee advocates for education through a lens of equity.  Our focus is for students, staff, and families to feel supported, accepted, and included by creating social justice curriculum appropriate for each level; ensuring educators and staff of racial diversity are supported our hiring and onboarding practices; creating a student diversity and inclusion club where students feel seen and accepted; and communicating clearly with families so they can continue these conversations at home. Members include staff and parents who have an interest in creating an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion of race, orientation, gender identity, disability, spiritual beliefs, and culture for the entire Compass community. For more information or to connect with us, please contact
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The School Accountability Committee (SAC) serves in an advisory capacity to school administration and strives to support the experience of the student population at Compass at every level. This group of volunteer parents, staff, and administration work together to  review academic data to develop Compass’ Unified Improvement Plan, provide budget recommendations to leadership, administer an annual school climate survey for both students and staff, and host a community Town Hall.

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Parent/Guardian Education

Educate yourself! - If you find yourself unfamiliar with the Montessori philosophy, but like the general idea, you’re not alone! Plan to attend our Parent Education Workshops throughout the school year and watch for more resources on our new website to learn more. Compass offers a true Montessori experience, by allowing students to consider their own passions and interests upon hearing a lesson, and this leads to loving to learn and feeling intrinsically motivated. If you’re curious about what this means in the classroom, we hope you'll join us or reach out for new ways to learn more. If you have more questions, email and we’ll help you find some answers and get more connected with your child’s upcoming Montessori experience.

Questions about other ways to get involved? Contact your Classroom Room Parent or email