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Enrichment Programs


After School Enrichment Programs - 2022 - 2023


Session FOUR begins the week of April 3rd, see below to register!


Please note: After School Enrichment classes are often hosted by outside vendors, not always by Compass Montessori School staff. All registration, payment, health forms and childcare responsibilities are through the vendor/teacher directly; please direct questions to the enrichment programs directly. (Compass Montessori does collect background checks for each Enrichment class teacher.)


Questions about Enrichment should be directed at the vendors and teachers listed below. Compass front office staff cannot answer questions about after school enrichment.


You can always email [email protected] for further questions.

Session FOUR - After School Enrichment Classes

April 3rd - May 12th, 2023 

(No school Friday, April 28th for In-Service day)



Mondays - Spring Crafting with Christy

Tuesdays - Pottery

Wednesdays - Pottery, Play On & Dance Team

Thursdays - Soccer Shots & Orchestra

Fridays - Chess


Mondays - Soccer Shots, Creativity & Play, Pottery

Tuesdays - No Enrichment on Tues

Wednesdays - Sound Formation (piano)

Thursdays - Play On, Yoga

Fridays - Pottery

Enrichment contacts below: 


Pottery - Pam at [email protected]

Sweet Ridge Art Studio - Melinda at [email protected] 

Dance Team - Jenn at [email protected] 

Mile High Chess - Mike at  [email protected]

PlayOn - Rachel at [email protected]

Card Making - Christy at [email protected]

Orchestra CYSO - Holli at [email protected]

Sound Formation - Curtis at [email protected]

Yoga - Jess at [email protected]

Soccer - [email protected]

Creativity & Play - [email protected]