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Registration 2024

Compass Montessori Summer Program

Registration 2024

Welcome to the Compass Montessori Summer Program. To start our summer off successfully, we must complete our registration process. PLEASE READ ALL REGISTRATION INFORMATION BELOW!

Please note, many of the documents in our registration process might seem redundant to you if you are a current Compass family. But, per our license, the Summer Program is a separate program from our school year program, and documents must be submitted for each program, even if it seems redundant. We appreciate your cooperation in this process. 

Getting Started: Completion should take about 30 minutes; please plan accordingly and set aside time to complete this registration list. You will need the following information to complete these forms successfully.

  • Submit completed registration documents via email (all documents together in one email) - All registration documents listed in the checklist below must be completed and submitted all together in one email to [email protected] by May 17th. Please DO NOT send one-off emails with these documents. Please add your child’s first and last name in the subject line of the email when submitting your registration documents. 
    • Digital copies sent via email - Consider whether you want to print these forms, complete them manually and send digital copies, or if you want to add your digital signatures and information and then email your digital copies.
    • Why digital copies via email? - We want all information about your child to be at our fingertips in a quick and easy way. We do not have an expensive document upload program for Summer Program 2024, and this helps us keep the cost down for you. Please also consider how cumbersome it can be for our staff to search through one-off emails when looking for safety forms for your child. We are a public charter school, and our licensing requirements are specific and mandatory when it comes to how we collect, store and access student documents. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Incomplete emails will be returned - If you send an email with only a few documents from the checklist, or an incomplete form, you will receive an incomplete notification and must resubmit all complete forms together in one message. 
  • One child per email - Please only submit one child’s complete registration documents per email. Do not include siblings in the same email together. Please do not add two children to ANY forms. 
  • Gather Contact Info - You’ll need contact info for parents/guardians, employers, emergency contacts, physicians and dentists. Gather that info before you sit down to complete this packet! 
  • Medical Forms - You’ll need access to your child’s medical forms, immunizations, etc, which may mean you will need to log into their pediatrician patient portal.
  • Infinite Campus - Know your login info for Infinite Campus for updating contact info and paying your Summer Program fees. (This is true for all current Jeffco families with an Infinite Campus account. All families not in Jeffco, or new to Jeffco will pay their fees over the phone via credit card.) Visit our Step-by-Step Guide to Infinite Campus if you need assistance. 
  • Reminder about potty training - All children MUST be independently fully potty trained to attend Compass Montessori Summer Program.  We are not able to support the use of pull-ups as we are not licensed for a diaper changing facility. 


Medical Registration Forms:

  • General Health Form: must be signed by your child’s physician and parent. This form is only good for one year from the date of the physician’s signature.
  • Immunizations: All families registered for the Summer Program, please submit your child’s most recent immunization record. Summer Program is a separate program for Children’s House and an additional copy must be submitted for Summer Program, even if you submitted one for CH in the 2023-24 school year. 
  • Emergency Medication:  If your child has a medical condition and needs emergency medicines while at the Summer Program (Allergies and/or Asthma) please go to our website for the necessary forms. 
  • Health Plans: Compass Montessori Summer Program consults with Sasha Lowey-Jacobs who is an RN at Children’s Hospital. She will reach out to you if your child needs a health plan while they attend the Summer Program. If you have questions about this please reach out.  



All eight forms need to be completed and returned as a PDF via email to [email protected] by May 17th for all sessions.


Birth Certificate - In addition to the following forms, we need a copy of every child's birth certificate.